Georgian Software company FINA released a new software product

Georgian Software company FINA presented a new software product or service C FINA Audit for book keeping monitoring and discovering inaccuracies, errors throughout documentations.

The audit segment carries out automatic comparing and inspection involving bookkeeping documents as well as identifies whether fiscal data, financial outcomes and money flows usually are accurate.

This model will allow to process facts in huge lists, simply detect unregistered or inaccurately registered files and collect facts, where negative sense of balance is on banks and before citizens and creditors.

FINA presented operation on Georgian industry in 2011. It has developed and established countless universal Georgian software goods, which are used by more than 2000 companies in a number of sectors.

FINA has developed as well as introduced the following products: multifunctional bookkeeping computer software, trading softwrae for warehouse-store regarding sales and stocks, cafe-resturants management software, hotel control softwrae, distribution software, output management software.


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