Fadi Asli: Omega Group Started off Unfair Attacks about Government

The “Omega” group has started above market attacks on the governing administration due to its own financial problems, “says Fadi Asli.

Chairman in the International Chamber connected with Commerce, “Omega” blamed any unjust attack about the government, Fadi Asli said, their own allegations are groundless.

The proprietors of “Omega”, who are as well founders and bankers of TV provider “Iberia”, say they are pressuring the government to the business and the result can be 100 million cuts.

The Chamber of Commerce states that branded money and the affirmation is unreasonable plus absurd.

The “Omega” group started unfair attacks over the government because of its individual financial problems.It is just like accusing police whom arrests bank robbers- this is certainly our position, “( space ) Said Fadi Asli to Rustavi 2.



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