Hotel Rooms to Open in Kokhta-Mitarbi This Year

Hotel Rooms will be? popped in?Kokhta-Mitarbi in the summer involving 2018. Construction of the 100-room Standard hotel rooms is currently in active phase. 40 mil USD was purchased the project.

Before the opening of your hotel in Kokhta, you are able to that Adjara Group Hospitality will open the resort in Tbilisi, in the previous premises of the writing house ”homeland”. At the end of Earnings, the hotel ”Stamba” will be able to number its visitors in 50 rooms.

According to Valeri Chekheria, along with these projects Adjara Group Hospitality started to take care of urban development in any direction of Kakheti. The advanced “Desert” will be located in Kakheti and will include restaurant, hotel plus farming in different details.


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