Commercial Package Policy: Meeting Your Risks Having a CPP

Small to mid-sized businesses can often purchase a business owner's insurance policy (BOP) as a way to combine different regions of liability, which makes it a far more cost-effective and efficient option than multiple policies addressing property damage, bodily injury, commercial auto, or any other liabilities. Large companies have similar exposures but will find that a commercial package policy carries many similar benefits to that of a BOP.

Combination Options

The commercial package plan or CPP offers flexibility in addressing risk areas of a business while still keeping their premium costs down. The kind of industry related to your company is a determining element in the price of an insurance policy, because the financial requirements to address certain risks vary across fields. For instance, a beauty salon would require less coverage than the usual real estate developer. Because the risks are unique, a CPP can be customized to include numerous coverages into one policy. Probably the most commonly included items are:

  • Commercial auto
  • Commercial property
  • Crime Protection
  • General liability

Crime protection extends beyond theft or vandalism and can include issues with embezzlement and credit card scams. However, the information at reveals that coverage isn't readily available for directors’ and officers’ liabilities, workers' compensation plans, and group life or disability plans. You can use your agent to craft a more inclusive policy based on the needs of the business.


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