Understanding Music Venue Risks

A music venue is a traditionally fun, sometimes chaotic environment to savor a concert and also have a drink or two. Naturally, music event occupancy comes with a suite of risks, and it is essential for every venue to have an accurate knowledge of its own risks and carry appropriate insurance.

What Unique Risks Arise Inside a Music Venue?

A thorough assessment of music event occupancy risk will be tailored to some given music venue. Having said that, certain risks are common:

  • Liabilities around alcohol, including serving alcohol to minors
  • Permitted event occupancy, particularly pertinent around disasters like fires
  • Neighborhood or area noise limits
  • Local laws around closing and opening times
  • Adhering to age limit requirements on shows

What Will Insurance policy?

A well-designed insurance package will be tailor-made for any unique venue to pay for any of the above risks – and others – that could arise throughout business. An insurance coverage agent will also assistance to streamline compliance with local rules and regulations that govern what’s permitted for a given venue, assisting to insure protection for the venue if any claims do arise.

While risks around music event occupancy are serious, a thorough understanding of legal liability and a comprehensive insurance program will ensure shows can go on and become enjoyed as scheduled.


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