7 ways to repay unplanned expenses

Life is filled with uncertainties, and while it may seem impossible to plan for unexpected expenses, your financial boat could sink if you•re not prepared. Some of the most common costs people don•t prepare for include dental emergencies, a car wearing down, emergency room visits, the demise of the washer or hot water heater, and pet emergencies.

A PEW study reported that 41% of yankee households didn•t have at least $2,000 put aside to cover the cost of an emergency.  Recently, SimplyWise released the results of the survey that showed 24% of american citizens are planning to access their 401(k) to cover expenses, and 1 in 5 Americans could not last more than fourteen days from their savings.

If you•re among the countless Americans who couldn't purchase an unplanned expense, here are some tips that could help:

  1. Start an emergency fund/HSA
  2. Review your monthly budget making cuts
  3. Sell items
  4. Apply for any personal loan
  5. Get a home equity line of credit
  6. Apply for any 0 percent APR credit card
  7. Borrow from your retirement account

7 ways to purchase unplanned expenses

Check together with your medical health insurance company to ascertain if you qualify for an HSA (health savings account). For those who have a high-deductible plan, you might be in a position to established to $3,550 for a person or $7,100 aside within an HSA each year. Funds in your health savings account rollover each year so you won•t lose any unspent funds. The best part: contributions for an HSA are tax-deductible, and any withdrawals used for medical expenses aren•t taxed either.

  1. Cable TV
  2. Streaming services (movie and music)
  3. Eating out
  4. \”Quick\” runs towards the grocery store
  5. Expensive cell phone plans
  6. Car washes
  7. Gym memberships

Additionally, look for methods to reduce your grocery bill by buying reusable napkins rather than paper towels, using coupons, and sticking with a list. You may also save lots of money if you are paying attention to the meals you have on hand and taking advantage of it up.

When you apply for any personal bank loan, the lending company will take a look at credit score and financial history. Be sure to ask your lender about loan fees and just how it will affect the amount you obtain.

Like most unsecured loans, you can use a HELOC for anything from home renovations to vacation or covering an emergency expense. Check PayPasser to see what's available.

PayPasser can help you find the right charge card for you. Choose 0 % credit cards and obtain a breakdown of the annual fee, welcome offers, credit needed and much more.

Dealing with unexpected expenses isn•t fun, but knowing you've options and planning in advance can let you focus on the more critical areas of handling your emergency without having to worry about money.


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