Aiming for promotion: how to set yourself apart

In the world of work and business, we all dream about climbing the corporate ladder to better ourselves and our position within our companies. One of the most gratifying aspects of work is having our achievements recognised or rewarded through employee appraisal systems and promotions.

Subconsciously or not, we all strive to climb the career ladder; however, our individual qualities and skills play a massive part in whether or not we achieve this. Not everyone is bound for advancement, but if you’re looking to develop the skills necessary, we’ve created this piece to help you secure a promotion and set yourself apart from other employees.

Showing Innovation and Planning Ahead

One way to set you apart from competing colleagues and aim for promotion is by showing innovation and planning. Management is impressed by individuals who think forward and do tasks without being told. It shows that you can be independent and possess leadership qualities, making you a desirable candidate for promotion. You can strive to become more innovative by being open to change, voicing your opinions, studying others in management roles, or you could try attending extracurricular courses or workshops to bolster workplace skills. For instance, you could use training providers such as Skills Training Group who offer first aid courses in Birmingham, plus a range of other courses that can help get you noticed by employers and set you apart from others.

Having Good Communication Skills

Another skill to develop to set you apart from others is good communication skills, which are prerogative in the workplace to avoid miscommunication and unnecessary problems. Successfully communicating with others is how ideas come to fruition; a good candidate for promotion needs to demonstrate these skills so that employers know that you’ll help the team maintain positive working relationships and increase productivity. Alongside having quality communication skills, it’s also essential to have sound listening skills, as successful managers listen to their colleagues and empathise with their worries or opinions to keep the team running smoothly.

Show That You’re A Team Player

Ultimately, an entire workforce ensures a company’s success, not just one individual. It also increases relationships between colleagues and employers and improves company loyalty. So if you’re looking for a promotion, you must show employers that you can work as part of a team and uplift other members so that the maximum production level is achieved. You can do this by volunteering yourself for jobs without being asked or by offering to help co-workers that are struggling, which will make you favourable to both colleagues and management, plus highlight your leadership skills.

Always Strive For More

The employees who achieve promotion always strive for more, show passion for their work, and aren’t content with attaining the bare minimum. Set yourself apart from others by showing pride in your work and continue pushing yourself to do better each time. You could do this by organising your workload more efficiently to complete deadlines quicker or by grouping yourself with like-minded individuals who inspire you to do better every day.  Being passionate and confident in your work will make employers or management notice you and give them reasonable grounds to reward you for your hard work.


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