Business Ombudsman's Business to Participate in Operation associated with State Procurement Conflicts Discussion Board

Georgian Business Ombudsman’s place of work will also engage in chats of disputes occurred during electronic tenders together with competitions.

Corresponding changes were made to the Law regarding State Procurement, which is already published throughout Legislative Herald. Amendments get a grip on procedures of staffing Disputes Discussion Board involving State Procurement.

A representative of the Business?Ombudsman will embark on the board staff and operation if perhaps supposed value of express procurement equals that will or exceeds the particular monetary verge influenced by EU instructions around state procurement, the bill says.

Amount of monetary verges is returned in normative acts, which can be being developed and are published in the near future.

Besides 1 representatives of Business Ombudsman, during similar case one representative from Competitors Agency, Georgian Chamber with Commerce and Business and Academic Bags will be also active in the Disputes Discussion Board.


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