SOCAR: Our Country will need to Make Focus on Minor, but Top Quality Creation

Major importers assert that Ga should follow the example of Switzerland.

Levan Giorgadze, SOCAR Georgia Petroleum director general, affirms: Our country should not produce a lot and low-quality products and solutions. Our country will need to make focus on small , top quality production, quality segment. Swiss chocolates, watches are expensive, yet in-demand products. The country should determine its niches. We should seek the niche of the cheapest manufacturers.

The country must give priority for you to exotic direction, he or she noted.

Levan Giorgadze makes concentrate on local and worldwide branding, free plan, trading, any directions. As soon as freedom is proscribed, processes go not clear and business procedure is frustrated. Totally free regime enables to provide quick reaction to almost any market challenge, which is transmitted and averted timely, he said.


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