EU digital levy on corporate revenues faces uphill route

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A Euro Commission plan to taxation the digital turnover of large companies drew concern on Saturday within the global rule-setting body upon tax matters and several European Union member countries, which usually called instead for an international solution.

The grievance came at the very first meeting of European ministers to discuss the plan, that was presented by the Payment last month and involves a 3 percent levy on the digital gross income of large multinational companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Big World wide web companies are accused by the Commission and some Euro states of paying an absence of tax in The european union, exploiting an outdated system that has allowed them to shift profits to be able to low-tax countries.

Ministers from scaled-down nations, including Sweden and Malta, compared the plan at a ministerial achieving in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, quarrelling that an overhaul connected with digital taxation should be done globally and require a long-term solution.

German Funding Minister Olaf Scholz, who procured office last month, eliminated taking a clear path on the issue, with what could be seen as a general shift from Berlin


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