Turkish Investor Funds Forty five Million in Poti Apparel Factory To Make Famous Brands

A new clothing factory may open in Poti last month 22. Vice Prime Minister regarding Georgia Dimitri Kumsishvili and other governing administration officials will sign up for the inauguration ceremony.

The job is implemented by simply LLC Adjara Textile. The new grow will sew sporting activities shorts and shirts of? Nike, New Balance , Under Armour, Puma and Lotto brands.

In his particular interview for the Caucasus Small business Week (CBW), Gia Lominadze, financial manager of LLC Adjara Textile, discusses future plans.

-MR. Gia, should the plant construction works started? Where is be ready located and how very much space does it take up?

-The construction works around Poti started a year ago. Full space of the area is 40 Thousand square meters, having said that, the building occupies simply 15 000 rectangular meters.

-Do you plan thoroughly employ the land in the future and extend production?

– At the first stage, we have started out the new enterprise. During the second phase we will fully employ this territory in 2019-2020. Subsequently, our output may even increase.

-What is the investment decision volume and which in turn country does the purchase come from?

-The project is certainly implemented by Turkish financial commitment (100%). 25 million Skin gels has been already expended, while total value of the project is 45 million GEL.

-Which make products will the plant manufacture?

-The plant is equipped with cutting-edge sewing machines and is also able to manufacture? sports clothes for women, males and children. The plant will probably sew brand items of? Nike, New Balance , Beneath Armour, ?Puma as well as Lotto, namely, soccer shorts and Best.

?-Do you plan to add innovative brand products in the foreseeable future?

-We will sew exactly the same brand products. From the second phase, we’ll only increase expenditure and employ more citizens.

-How many persons do you make use of now? How many locals will be employed? by means of 2019-2020?

-Initially, Adjara Textile will retain the services of 700 individuals, whilst the number of employees will increase to about 3 1000 persons after the place moves to full-scale procedure.

-Will be the products in love with domestic market or they will be exported offshore?

-LLC Adjara Textile cooperates with such overseas companies as?Nike, Puma, Lotto, “New Balance and also “Under Armour. The company will probably be oriented on exports through 100%. Our products are going to be sent to head workplaces of the mentioned models and from there these items will be distributed to diverse directions all over the world.

-Do you wish to sell products for domestic market also?

-This is possible. When intercontinental companies receive our products and propagate them to various attractions in the world, it is not ruled out to sell our merchandise on domestic market place too.


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